Welcoming Insitum Verbum

Christ is in Our Midst!

We at Apologia Anglicana hope your Lent and Passiontide have been going well. I have been reflecting on the significance of our change in mission. At Apologia Anglicana, we seek to provide a firm Western witness of Catholic Orthodoxy. To do this, and in celebration of the Feast of St. Tikhon of Moscow, I am glad to welcome Juan, from the blog Insitum Verbum, to Apologia Anglicana (not to be confused with the YouTuber).

Apologia has always had the concern for Spanish language apologetics but never had the resources to do much of it. Insitum’s emphasis on Orthodox apologetics in the Spanish language complements and widens our ability to bring canonical Western Orthodoxy to the West.

Please expect an article by Juan by tomorrow or Palm Sunday.

St. Tikhon of Moscow, pray for us.


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