Fides Anglicana


Anglican (Anglicana) comes from England or English. Simply, when the Apostles sent missionaries throughout the world to establish the Catholic Church, they came to England. From this, the Ecclesia Anglicana was established with her own bishops, and she developed her own customs and spirituality.

Sadly, the Ecclesia Anglicana fell away into schism and deviated from the catholic faith when she went along with the Pope in the Great Schism. She then restored some catholic elements and lost others in the Reformation.

Since faith is a gift, Western Christians have been able to receive the Western expression of faith and practice from the Western Rite of the Orthodox Church, the true expression of English orthodoxy and catholicity.


This tradition is authentically catholic. That is, it preserves and cherishes that which is universal: believed always, everywhere, and by all. This is not an attempt at restoration but in communion with the Orthodox Churches which have kept the faith in every age.